New Honda City

Honda City 2020 is the 5th generation of the car and has the price starting from INR 1,089,900 ex showroom. The 4th generation has not been discontinued and is being sold along with the new car.

2020 New Honda City price Ex-showroom Delhi

V MT      10,89,900       12,39,900
C CVT      12,19,900 –
VX MT      12,25,900       13,75,900
ZX MT      13,14,900       14,64,900
VX CVT      13,55,900 –
ZX CVT      14,44,900 –
New Honda City Ex Showroom price

Exterior comparison.

  1. Front Grill – The new wide chrome grill of the 5th generation is an immediate bold impression of the car. Wider and bigger chrome bar across in a straight line that goes along the lines replacing the honeycomb grill from the 4th generation. {3 comparison photos}
Honda City front grill
Comparing the front grill of New & Old City

2. LED Headlamps – Full LED headlamps is the 1st in segment feature that the 5th generation City has brought to competition. The LED Headlamps has 9 LED Array Inline Shell, Integrated LED DRL and L-shaped LED Turn Signal.

4th generation Honda City headlamp vs the 5th generation Honda City LED head lamp

3. Tail Lamps – The linear tail lamps is changed to an Z-shaped 3D Wrap around LED Tail lamps with uniform edge light and LED side marker lights.

Tail lamp comparison of the 4th generation 2019 Honda City with 5th generation 2020 Honda City

4. Wheels – The R16 diamond cut alloy wheels seem to be carried forward from the 4th generation to the 5th generation. However, the minor design change in the color and the number of spoke on the wheel is noticeable only on a detailed observation.

R16 wheels of the old and new Honda City

5. Sun roof – There is no significant or noticeable change in the sunroof when comparing the 4th vs the 5th generation as far as we can tell from the pictures. If there is then please share the update in the comments and we shall update the information here in the article.

6. Shark Fin Antenna – New car is having a smooth, smaller and sleeker shark fin antenna as compared to a bigger and bulkier antenna on the 4th generation of the car.

4th generation Honda City Antenna vs 5th generation Honda City Antenna

7. LED Fog Lamp – The fog lamps remain the same in both cars. However, the housing of these fog lamps has a new design. It’s clear that the honeycomb design that is seen in the 4th generation has not been carried forward in the front grill as well as in the fog lamp cabinet.

Honda City fog lamps compared to New Honda City fog lamps

Colour options in the Honda City

Colours4th Generation
Honda City
5th Generation
New Honda City
Radiant Red MetallicHonda City Radiant Red MetallicNew Honda City 2020 Radiant Red Metallic
Platinum White PearlNew Honda City 2020 Platinum White Pearl
White Orchid PearlHonda City White Orchid Pearl
Modern Steel MetallicHonda City Modern Steel MetallicNew Honda City 2020 Modern Steel Metallic
Golden Brown MetallicHonda City Golden Brown MetallicNew Honda City 2020 Golden Brown Metallic
Lunar Silver MetallicHonda City Lunar Silver MetallicNew Honda City 2020 Lunar Silver Metallic
Honda City colour options


  1. Meters :- The 3 ring 3D combimeter seen in the 2017-2019 car is now 17.7cm HD Full colour TFT display in the new City. It also has 3 new segment first features.
  2. Speakers :- City V variant has the 4 speaker system and higher variants have 8. The old as well as the new car carry the same configuration for audio.’
  3. Touchscreen :- The 17.7 cm touch screen digipad that is seen in the 2017-19 car has been upgraded to 20.3 cm infotainment system in the 5th generation of the car.
  4. Alexa :- The New City comes with voice enabled remote capability with Amazon’s Alexa. Alexa remote capabilities would be :-
    1. Turn AC on/off & set temperature (warm, normal, cool) remotely
    2. lock/unlock doors
    3. Battery Health Status
    4. Head & Tail Light Status
    5. Fuel Status
    6. Odometer Reading
    7. Tire Status
    8. Engine Health Status
    9. Blink and beep your car remotely via voice command
    10. Open the boot remotely
    11. Check tire deflation status
    12. You can check if there is any issue with battery
    13. You can toggle Time fencing alert ON/OFF
    14. Check the location of your car
    15. Check past 3 Service History in the form of date, dealer & amount
    16. You can check expiry dates of RSA, Pollution and Insurance*
    17. Check the fuel status of your car

Other differences between the 2017-2019 & the 2020 car’s are

  1. New City is 109mm longer than the old car and 53mm wider.
  2. Trunk space has been reduced by 4 ltr in the new car. Which is probably done to increase leg room space for the rear passengers.
  3. New car is also equipped with telescopic hydraulic nitrogen gas-filled shock absorbs that we could not locate in the old car’s brochure and specifications on the site.

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