Jaguar I-PACE

In a bid to reduce emission, automakers have been working on projects to create zero-emission vehicles. One such project is by Jaguar Land Rover which aims at developing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The project dubbed ‘Project Zeus’ will be first implemented on the Jaguar Land Rover Hydrogen SUVs, which is expected to be ready by 2025.

Project Zeus has received backing from various quarters, including the private sectors and government. The program is part of the £73.5-million funding from the UK government to the automotive sector that strives to reduce carbon emissions.

Jaguar Land Rover has also received backing from the private sector by collaborating with companies like Marelli Automotive Systems UK, Delta Motorsport and UKBIC (The UK Battery Industrialization Center). According to JLR, collaborating with these companies will help fast-track the project by bringing together the much-needed resources.

The hydrogen-powered vehicle is expected to offer zero tailpipe emissions, long range, off-road capabilities, low-temperature performance and less refuelling time compared to the traditional EVs. Besides, hydrogen is available in abundance, making it a great fuel option.

Shift Towards Hydrogen Technology

Jaguar Land Rover Hydrogen SUVs is not the only project geared towards hydrogen technology. BMW and Toyota have also shown interest in hydrogen fuel cell technology. The two automakers have collaborated to create hydrogen vehicles.

BMW introduced its first hydrogen-powered car in 2005 and managed to sell 100 cars. This model was dual-fuel, which could only be operated by both petrol and hydrogen. Use of hydrogen on this model was, however, less efficient. The company is looking to improve this technology to produce more efficient cars by 2025 that will only emit water vapour.

Australian automakers, H2X also announced a collaboration with Elvin Group Renewables, to venture into the hydrogen technology. These two companies will partner to manufacture hydrogen fuel cell vehicles locally.

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