Kia Sonet Sunroof images below are gathered from the Internet to provide Visual on the feature.

Kia Sonet is the third car that the South Korean company Kia Motors is going to introduced in the Indian market followed by Kia Seltos that was launched on 22nd August 2019 and Kia Carnival on 5th February 2020. The global premier of the Sonet will be done on 7th August 2020.

Update:07-08-2020 – After the World Premier, the Kia Motors India website was updated with details on Kia Sonet and it does show sunroof as one of the features. However it might not be standard feature just as we predicted.

The sub 4 mtr SUV segment in India that the Sonet is going to join, comprises of

While Nissan Magnite and Renault Kruger join the competitions by next year.

Except for the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, all the sub 4 mtr SUVs mentioned above have sunroof in the top or automatic variants. In Ford Ecosport the sunroof is address as the funroof. While there is also an moonroof that is a feature in some cars in other countries. The sunroof is an small automated window on the roof of the car that slides open, moonroof is similar to sunroof but does not open and remains tinted. While Panaromic sunroof is mentioned when the car’s roof is completely turned into a window and some 40-50% of the roof is an automatic glass window that opens.

Most of the Sonet competition or alternatives have sunroof not as standard feature but in their top variants. We have also seen sunroof as a feature in the top variant of Seltos and Carnival too, hence it would be wise to concluded that Kia Sonet will be having a sunroof in its top and automatic variants.

The Kia Sonet concept that was displayed in AutoExpo 2020, features dual tone and connected tail lamp. The roof of this concept car is flattened at the beginning and then has some rails type design visible in the remainder 75% of the roof to the end. The flattened roof could be a reason for keeping capability of adding a sunroof in the production version.

Here’s a playlist of the most viewed videos of Kia Sonet on YouTube.

Kia Sonet Sunroof latest images – 26th Jan 2022

From the Official website of Kia Motors India.

kia sonet sunroof
Kia Sonet Sunroof as seen on the offcial website of Kia Motors India

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