Interior of MG Hector

As we look at the world re-opening and looking at a new normal, it’s going to take a while for most of us to be confident enough to use public transport. What will happen next? More cars and bikes on the road. Articles suggest that this is what exactly happened in Wuhan, people rushed to buy new and used cars, more of small cars for daily commute.

However, we only hope our infrastructure will be able to cope with the increasing number of vehicles on the road, we are also known to be a resilient race and now that our lives are at stake there is no looking back.

We think the automobile industry has been doing a commendable job in making fuel efficient cars, just imagine would most of us afford to run a petrol, Fiat Padmini in these times?? Thanks to our fuel efficient Maruti‘s and Hyundai‘s that we will be looking at. Also not to forget the efficient CNG cars made by Maruti, are reliable, safe and economical.

Hatch backs will definitely be bank in demand. Will the country’s favorites of Alto’s and Wagon R will dominate the roads again? Let’s wait and watch.

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