Force Gurkha front grill comparision 2019 vs 2020

Force Gurkha has been very popular among the off-road community along with Mahindra Thar & Maruti Suzuki Gypsy. It is expected to be launched soon with an competitive pricing along with Mahindra Thar. The 2020 Gurkha 4x4x4 was first seen at the Auto Expo 2020 in Delhi.

Gurkha 2020 Design

Its said to be completely overhauled design that changes the aesthetics of the car to be aggressive as well as new elements across the body. However we do notice that the historical design lineage does continue. Here’s an comparison in which we are seeing the front grill of 2019 vs 2020.

comparison of Force Gurkha 2019 vs 2020

As noticed, the front side signal indicators next to the headlamps have been removed in the Gurkha 2020 and probably the feature is synced with the LED Headlamp or DRLs. While the headlamp remains circular and the grill hosts an additional badging, the bumper has significantly changed.

Force Gurkha 2020 vs 2019 side view comparison.
Force Gurkha 2020 vs 2019 side view comparison

The side view shows 2 noticeable change that is the exhaust coming out of the side of the engine bay in the 2020 force gurkha as compared to the top exit in the 2019. The single glass long rear window in the 2020 gurkha also looks great and provides a great visibility.

Force Gurkha Engine Comparison

The 2019 Force Motors car is an BS4, 4 Cyl, Inline, TCIC Common Rail, Diesel Engine, 16 valve DOHC that produces 2149cc, 140 hp @ 3800 rpm 321 Nm @ 1600 – 2400 rpm mated to an 5 speed gear box.

What we know so far about the Force Gurkha 2020 engine that obviously its BS6 but an 2.6 ltr engine and possibility of being an Mercedes-Benz.

Since we finished the minor comparison between the old and new upcoming Gurkha 2020, we shall move on to bring you the main and prominent comparison of Mahindra Thar 2020 with Force Gurkha 2020 soon.

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