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India’s largest car manufacturing company has recently launched protective accessories against covid-19 pandemic. As, some plants resume their manufacturing units, showrooms are opening slowly and the delivery of cars has been started. So, Maruti Suzuki has listed a new category name- Health and Hygiene to strengthen the confidence of customers, on its official website. Under this category, the company is offering safety gear to prevent from coronavirus and the price range of these accessories is between Rs. 10 to Rs. 650.

The safety gear accessories include, face mask 3ply, disposable shoe cover, face visor, disposable eye gear, hand gloves and a car cabin protective partition. These protective gears meet all quality requirements. Most of these accessories are disposable, eco- friendly, durable, transparent and light weight. The car cabin partition will help in maintaining social distancing while travelling and will prevent the transfer of droplets while coughing, sneezing and talking. A clear sheet of virgin grade premium vinyl chloride material which covers the car surface from roof to top is inserted between the front and back seat to isolate the passengers. Cost of this partitioning equipment ranges from 549 to 649 depending on the car model. Price range of other accessories are, face visor for Rs 55, eye gear at Rs. 100, Gloves at Rs 20, Disposable shoe cover at Rs. 21, 3ply mask at Rs at 10 and mask at 149. These accessories won’t provide a cure to the virus and won’t stop it from spreading completely but surely will help to prevent as much as possible.

There was a massive auto slowdown in the last year and company is trying to recover from it. Since march 22, all the manufacturing plants were closed due to coronavirus. Maruti Suzuki network comprises of 3,086 showroom across 1,964 towns and cities. In May, an another measure was taken by the company to start home delivery of cars. The customer can choose model, colour and access online and then the staff will deliver the car to the customer s address by following full safety protocols like wearing masks and proper santization. All cars should be fully disinfected before delivery. The health of all employess is being mintored through wellness app everyday which works in conjugation with Aarogya Setu app to track health status of staff.

Original Article Issued by:
Corporate Communications,
Maruti Suzuki India Limited,
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Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
Ph: 91-11- 4678 1000

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