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  • Is a car body cover good for your car?
  • Will a car cover damage my paint?
  • Will car cover scratch my paint?

The practical experience

Imagine the surroundings of your car when its parked and what are the possible situation your car has to deal with while parked. Let’s take a broader perspective on this before we come to the need to realize if the car cover is any good for you.

Cars have or are becoming an essential for a family in India. The number of banks has increased over the years. The competitions in the financial institutions have facilitated the car buyer with a customized car loan and easy EMI schemes. That has eventually helped increase the number of car sales YoY and decreasing the space available to park your cars.

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However, in a country like India, maintenance of the car is even a bigger concern. Finding a parking spot with not too many trees or not under a coconut tree or an old tree can be challenging. Most common parking spots been on the open road which guarantees you won’t get the same parking spot in some of the following days. Also, a car parked on the road becomes a display store for a roadside vendor. Maybe sometimes it turns into a black board for the student giving them the opportunity to become the teacher.

Lastly after few days of parking on the road-side you realize that your car is indeed invisible to quite few people walking by it dragging their bag or purse through your cars paint due to the congested traffic and non-availability of an footpath that could be housing a small family or is not walk-able with dodging some “dog” poop.

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Taking into several such conditions that are harmful to your parked car (do share your car parking tragedy in the comments below) its then makes sense to spend an extra on paid parking inside your building or rather just an open space within your building boundaries.

That’s when the car body cover comes in playing a vital role protecting your car. If the above generates a sense that an car cover is needed then here are 6 reason why you should get one.

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  1. UV Rays – It’s noticed that if the car has been in the sunlight for a really very long time or regularly in sunlight then eventually the car paint starts fading before its due time to start fading naturally. Many car cover manufacturer’s claim that their product protects the car paint from fading and hence increasing the time of your car paint to shine.
  2. Dust – A car parked in an open area will eventually host dust. The dust will make your car look dirty even though if its washed few hours back. With our fast life, there is hardly any time to dust off the car before using and hence we just move on leaving the wind to do the job. It eventually makes the car look dirty and the dirt might start piling up in certain spots that might damage paint or even start rusting on the car body. Hence an car body cover works as an silent protector here.
  3. Leaves – Yes. You read it correct. How can leaves be harmful or rather why would an heavy steel need protection from just leaves. Its not the body of the car alone that needs to keep the leaves away but places like air intakes around your engine bay, outside intake ac vents & viper’s need the leaf to stay away. The leafs can also block the water drainage and lead to eventually divert the blocked rain water or water into the car cabin instead of draining it out on the ground. Leafs stuck on AC intakes outside the cabin will send dust and smell into the car cabin that are originated from the dead & dry leaves. Leaves will also provide or welcome insects residing on them on to the car which eventually kids will spot inside the cabin.
How can leaves can damage a car?
How can leaves damage a car?

4. Bird Poop – Birds don’t urinate because they don’t produce urine and hence they excrete nitrogenous wastes in the form of uric acid, which doesn’t dissolve in water easily. Also note that Uric acid is corrosive and hence will damage your car paint easily over a period of time. It will make the car paint fade, crack, peel and hence the car will lose its aesthetic looks. That’s where the car body cover plans an important role protecting your car from these slow and silent damages.

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5. Keeps the car clean for a longer duration – If your car gets washed and cleaned every morning, usually few hours ahead of you leaving with it, then the car body cover can keep the car clean.

6. Save Water – Keeping the car covered with an car body cover can help reduce the number of times it requires to be cleaned or washed. Hence you’ll be saving a lot of water if the cover makes you was the car twice in a day instead of everyday. Also saves you trips and money to get your car washed.

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