Colour Coded Stickers for Vehicles in Lockdow, curfew, COVID-19

Significance of these Colour coded stickers

How to or where to get these colour coded stickers

Who needs these Colour coded stickers for their vehicles

Government of Maharashtra first issued this notice tagged “Break the Chain” on 13th April 2021, in which vehicles in use during lockdown or curfew will require to have necessary colour coded sticker on them. This movement is towards taking certain emergency measures to prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19.

These new measures of the vehicle to have the necessary colour coded sticker if in use during lockdown or curfew is enforced throughout the state of Maharashtra from 8PM on 14th April 2021 till 7AM on 1st May 2021.

Vehicles that will be in use during the lockdown or curfew in Mumbai will be required to have colour coded stickers acquired from the authorities and stuck to the car during use under lockdown. This is especially for people conducting essential services such as Health services, All medical personnel, BMC officials and Teams, food and other essential suppliers, etc.

Who needs which colour stickers?

ColourFor Vehicles
REDDoctors, Medical Staff, Medical Services, Ambulances, Hospitals, Diagnostic centres, Clinics, Vaccination centres, Medical Insurance Offices, Pharmacies, Pharmaceutical companies, other medical and health services including supporting, manufacturing and distribution units along with their dealers, transport and supply chain, manufacturing and distribution of vaccines, sanitizers, mask, medical equipment, their ancillaries, raw materials units and support services, veterinary services, animal care shelters.
GREENFor the Vehicles related to transport of eatables/food items such as groceries,  vegetables, fruits, dairy products, bakery products, confectionaries and all type of food items in raw or cooked form
YELLOWFor the Vehicles related to transport of officers and staff of central, state and local governments, including their statutory authorities and organizations, all public essential servicers byn local authorities, public transport, press/media, water supply services, electric and gas supply services, municipal services, services required for restoration/maintenance of telecom services, e-commerce (only for the supply of essential goods and services), government and private security services, ATMs/Banking/Financial/Insurance services, cargo services, postal services, petrol pumps/petroleum related products, offices of companies providing essential services, any service designated as essential services by local Disaster Management Authority.
Colour Coded stickers and their owners

Where do we get these colour coded stickers from?

The Police will issue such stickers on request at Nakabandi/Checkpoints free of cost to the vehicle owners as per availability.

We request you all too take all necessary safety measures and only venture out if its truely essential.

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