Mumbai - Goa

Mumbai Goa toll charges details of all 9 toll gates on with kms, distance, cost and pitstops. There are a total of 9 toll gates on the Mumbai Goa route via Mumbai-Bengaluru Express Highway.

Mumbai Goa Road Trip, a plan that is suggested by 10-12 friends through the ideation and that one fun & mesmerising road trip that gets execute with only 4-5 peeps at the end.

One of our readers requested to have some Road trips budgeting articles that can help anyone get an estimation of the expense that he/she/they might incur as well as provide safe and good pit stops to eat, relax, stay and the beautiful sightseeing on the way.  

Hence post lockdown we had one of our team members, taking the road trip with his family to Goa by road and was happy to share some insights and financial details. Here’s how the Mumbai-Goa road trip goes.  

Mumbai Goa Toll Charges & Route

The Journey was split into 2 days as it started late in the afternoon as well as the Single driver had family responsibilities on priority and lastly to avoid night driving and crossing Amboli ghat at night.

Mumbai - Goa

Mumbai Goa Toll route was as follows: –

  1. Mumbai to Lonavla
  2. Lonavla to Pune
  3. Pune to Satara
  4. Satara to Karad
  5. Karad to Kolhapur
  6. Kolhapur to Nipani
  7. Nipani to Amboli
  8. Amboli to Sawantwadi
  9. Sawantwadi to Mapusa

Mumbai Goa Toll charges.

Here’s the details on the Toll. Hopefully this should help you not to over recharge your FasTag account.

Toll ChargesTollDate-Time
₹40Vashi Bridge Toll07-11-2020
₹135Kusgaon Toll Plaza2020-11-07 14:08:37
₹68Khalapur Toll Plaza2020-11-07 13:45:08
₹41Kusgaon NH48 Toll Plaza2020-11-07 14:14:01
₹40Dehuroad NH48 Toll Plaza2020-11-07 16:28:56
₹95Khed-Shivapur Toll Plaza2020-11-07 17:29:05
₹65Anewadi Toll Plaza2020-11-07 19:08:18
₹75Kini Toll Plaza2020-11-08 11:11:09
₹75Kognoli2020-11-08 12:25:19
Mumbai – Goa Toll charges last updated on 10/NOV/2020

FasTag – How to get FasTag and FasTag Recharge Online.

FasTag makes crossing the toll faster and easy. Since its all-digital there is no worry about having the exact change or cash. Though the Cash lines are also open if you don’t have FasTag yet. However, heads up that the cash lines take way longer time than the ones with FasTag.

Here’s 4 easiest way to get FasTag.

  1. Dealer – If you have purchased a new car your dealer gets you the FasTag for you.
  2. Bank – You can walk into any Banks and get a FasTag. Banks like SBI, ICICI, Axis and HDFC are few that can provide you FasTag.
  3. Online – You can also buy FasTag from your Internet Banking or other ecommerce site such as or PayTM.
  4. Vendor Booth at Toll Plaza – FasTag Vendors such as PayTM have FasTag Booth setup after certain Toll Plaza from where you can buy FasTag.

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