Mumbai Nashik Toll Charges on Mumbai-Nashik Express Highway

Mumbai Nashik Toll Charges on the Mumbai Nashik Express highway is as follows :-

2022-03-0807:06:30Mulund(EEH)404S2022-03-08 07:09:44Car/Jeep/Van
2022-03-0807:46:53Arjunalli toll plaza1204N2022-03-08 07:48:58Car/Jeep/Van
03-08-202209:48:41 AMGhoti toll plaza04N2022-03-08 09:50:48Car/Jeep/Van
2022-03-0920:57:09Ghoti toll plaza1204S2022-03-09 21:00:29Car/Jeep/Van
2022-03-0922:58:50Mulund(EEH)404S2022-03-09 23:07:32Car/Jeep/Van
Mumbai Nashik Mumbai Toll Charges

Here’s a list of toll and their toll charges for car that needs to be paid between Mumbai-Nashik Express Highway. Mumbai Nashik is an 167 KM long route with great roads and several pit stops. Mumbai-Nashik Expressway is maintained by MASRDC. The Kasara Ghat which is also address as Thal or Thul Ghat has been improvised a lot and is much safer and easier to pass. However, one needs to be careful and notice the trucks with heavy loads which are trying to make the climb. It’s a one-way route on the ghat thus makes overtaking easy but one has to be cautious about few villagers, police petrol, mechanics who would be coming in the wrong way. Total time you would be spending on this route would be approximately 3 hours excluding your pit stops.

Trending in Nashik

Nashik has been very popular and trending. The London Palace in Nashik is new trend for wedding venues in Nashik. Geeta Lawns and Resorts is an another trending place for stay and weddings. Other than luxurious hotels, stay and wedding venues there was “Rahad” that is very popular in Nashik during Holi festival.

Petrol Price in Nashik its currently ₹110.40/L compared to ₹112.51/L as of 27th March 2022.

Diesel Price in Nashik its currently ₹93.16/L compared to ₹96.70/L as of 27th March 2022.

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