Sylvester Stallone with his Cadillac Escalade

Sylvester Stallone car, the 2019 20″ stretched Becker Cadillac Escalade that costed him $409K is for sale at 3,50,000 United States Dollar (equals 2,61,99,145.00 Indian Rupee) with just 1,000 miles on the clock.

Becker Automotive Design, led by the Founder and CEO, Howard Becker, has been providing VIP Luxury vehicles for more than 2 decades. Here’s 10 reason we know what makes them the best at VIP Luxury transportation: –

  1. Hand tailored interior craftsmanship
  2. Chassis modifications
  3. Leading edge electronics
  4. Unparalleled customer service
  5. Robust training provided to each client’s operator and technicians
  6. 24/7 standby live support
  7. International 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty
  8. Engineered to meet or exceed US Federal vehicle safety standards
  9. Unobstructed full-length OEM side curtain air bags
  10. Integrate armouring with various surveillance and security measures

Sylvester Stallone Cadillac Escalade ESV is fully loaded and equipped with best of equipment’s and electronics for entertainment and at the same time making it a great Mobile Office. The somewhat feature list of Sylvester Stallone’s car is as follows: –

  1. Crestron automation system
  2. True 7.1 digital music system with centre channel
  3. Custom tuned with a Crestron digital audio processor
  4. 43″ UHD LCD smart TV screen in electric centre divider partition
  5. Rear 12″ LCD for rear facing passengers
  6. Military spec. on board router that is capable of running two SIM cards from different carriers for the very best internet connectivity
  7. Fully electric window curtains
  8. Fully electric rear facing 3 person bench seat with three point seatbelts built in
  9. Two fully electric rear VIP bucket seats with electric leg rests
  10. Custom Japanese ash (Tamo) wood veneer folding tables, side consoles and centre divider

“I ordered my Becker ESV for a specific purpose, however my requirement for it has recently changed and I no longer have a need for this beautiful vehicle.”

“I enjoyed personally designing the luxurious interior with Howard Becker. The on-board electronics and ride quality are second to none. I hope the new owner gets years of fulfilling use from this sensationally appointed Becker Cadillac ESV.”

—Sly Stallone

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