Tata Safari 2021

Tata Safari, 5-door Mid-size SUV with off-road capabilities was launched in 1998 by Tata Motors. In the 90s, Tata Motors had put their strategies on 2 models – Tata Indica and Tata Safari. Safari being an 7-seater was an cheaper alternative with the competition from Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Land Cruiser and Hyundai Galloper in the European market.

If we roll further more in history then we would also learn about the Tata Sierra, which is the predecessor of Safari, also called as Tata Gurkha in the United Kingdom during its launch in 1991. Tata Sierra was a very cool 3-door SUV that would be odd to see in with an door missing but cool to stand out with. It was powered by a 2.0L Peugeot diesel engine with 5 speed manual transmission. Lastly the Sierra was based on the Tata Telcoline or so popularly known as Tata Pick Up, which still making some market share since 1988.

So we had the Tata Telcoline | Pick Up upscale to Sierra which then becomes Tata Safari and now in January 2021, we will be witnessing Tata Gravitas to bear the Tata Safari torch further.

The timeline of Tata Safari that we just walked through and the current cars like Altroz & Harrier that Tata Motors have made, draws a very well clear and assertive picture that Tata Motors has constantly evolved for the people by building reliability of its brand, quality and pricing.

The All-New Safari if priced in competition to that of the Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Renault Duster or even the Harrier then it would be a great value for money. However, details and the All New Tata Safari price will only be known on its launch date of 26th Jan 2021.

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