Hyundai CRETA

We had read an article a couple of years back where it mentioned that the first ten thousand miles on the new car are the most expensive than that of the used car. The article did make sense if you did the math on paper. Numbers just reiterated the same. So if one kept the emotion aside, it did make sense to buy a reasonable used car.

At the same time the peace of mind a brand new car comes with has it own benefit. Bit the used car market is changing. It’s getting more organised and dealers are offering warranties and after sales service packages as well.

There will always be demand for reliable brands like Maruti Suzuki which have a very good re sale value and also demand a premium in the used cars. It definitely makes sense to buy some premium cars which come at a good deal after being road for 2 years or so if sparingly used.

Post COVID-19 world will see the surge for small cars, especially used cars.

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