All-new Nissan X-Trail 2021

Nissan X-Trail is the first crossover SUV that Nissan manufactured and has been sold globally since the year 2000. There have been three generations of this car and now we got an glimpse of the 4th generation of the All-new X-Trail launched at the Shanghai Auto Show 2021.

Nissan X-Trail Timeline

The first generation of the X-Trail also known as the T30 series X-Trail was revealed in Paris Motor Show in September 2000. Second generation of the X-Trail was launched in the year 2008 at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2007. This second generation also had a facelift released in Japan and was called Nissan X-Trail Platinum. X-Trail third generation came into action in the year 2013 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This model was an Nissan/Renault Common Module Family (CMF) platform architecture. April 19th 2021, we see the 4th Generation of Nissan X-trail revealed at the Shanghai Auto show 2021.

All-new X-Trail features as follows: –

  1. Muscular Design
  2. AWD Technology
  3. Wireless Charging
  4. Ventilated Seats
  5. Foldable 3rd row seats
  6. Wide Door Opening
  7. Virtual Personal Assistant with the New Digital Display.
  8.  Enhanced ProPILOT
  9. New Intelligent 4WD selector
  10. Zero Gravity Seats
  11. e-Power hybrid powertrain

Engine of the Nissan X-Trail 2021

Nissan 2021 X-Trail will have the VC Turbo 300 motor that has 201BHP and 300Nm of Torque. It will also have the Nissan’s 4×4 Intelligent AWD system.

Nissan’s e-POWER technology

The Nissan e-Power tech will have an gasoline engine to charge the battery pack of the electrical powertrain hence eliminating the need for external charging. The electric motors will power the acceleration and deacceleration. This new e-POWER hybrid setup will be seen in all Nissan cars in near future and is part of the roadmap laid by the Chinese government to achieve carbon neutrality. By the early 2030s every all-new Nissan vehicle offering in key markets will be electrified.

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